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    NEW Personal Development Book–Event Planners Love Tacos

    We are all Event Planners! If you want to get more out of life, consider planning your life as an event! This personal development book contains step-by-step strategies used by Professional Event Planners to create successful events. Helena Paschal shares how to apply event steps to change your goals and dreams into a plan to create the life you want. Her inspirational steps are small actions designed to transform and improve your life! It is a powerful guide loaded with thought provoking ideas to help you plan the event of your life! As a disclaimer, the book has nothing to do with tacos we needed something to catch your attention!

    Ebook-Instant Download Investment: $10.00

    Audio Book Event Planners Love Tacos


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    EBOOK Power Planning -Instant Download

    Even the most skilled Event Planners face challenges when planning events. This book is designed for the professional who often finds themselves in charge of important events. Experienced planners know the most memorable events are carefully planned, detailed, and the event flow is seamless. Everyone knows event planning is a process that requires hard work, dedication, and attention to get results. This book shares tips to give Professional Event Planners the competence and confidence to stay on track. Start planning your events like a Pro today!

    Investment: $10.00



    EBOOK 101 Tips For Your Event Planning Business- Instant Download

    Small steps can lead to big results! Take your event planning business to the next level with practical advice and tools from Helena Paschal. From networking to marketing, this book will prove to be a reference guide to help you start, run, and develop a successful event business. Get started today!

    Investment: $10.00



    EBOOK 15 Party Tips -Instant Download

    You don’t need to be a Professional Event Planner to throw a great party! This book provides advice to make party planning fun and easy. If you haven’t had success with planning a party in the past, use the professional tips in this book to make your next party fabulous and unforgettable! Get this book and expect to get the compliments you deserve!

    Investment: $10.00